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Catalogues des ventes provenant
de la Bibliothèque de
Madame La Princesse de Poix

Auction Catalogues from the
Library of the Princess de Poix

The lowly auction catalogue in the history of art has always been an ephemeral object.

Like the mayfly or the bloom of the day lily its destiny was for a single day or at best a sprinkling of days.

And yet it captured and eloquently presented a lifetime of collecting caught in a brilliant burst of stunning appearance and ultimate braggadocio.

In its highest form with superb binding, luxurious paper, and superior image quality, the auction catalogue was elevated to an art form non pareil.

Only a princess could make such a dream come true.

The Princess de Poix loved auction catalogues. To her they were pearls. She loved collecting the collected works of France’s uppercrust of the ancien regime.

Here offered for the first time is her sumptuous library of auction catalogues.

More than 100 volumes containing 180 sales between 1880 and 1907. This was the Golden Age of auction catalogues when the very object itself reflected the elegance and uniqueness of each collection. When every image was delicately nestled between tissue guards.

Each volume contains her engraved book plate. Each volume is bound in a matching binding.

These catalogues des ventes of France’s greatest collections sold between 1880 and 1907 are la crème de la crème.

The entire collection of more than 100 volumes containing 180 auctions
will be sold as a single library.

Price upon request to interested art lovers.

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