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Book Collections Auction Catalogues

"There is nothing more driven than a collector in heat."
 - - Jeffrey Eger

Imagine a real not virtual library in a room where the shelves are filled with nuggets filled with the most delicious collections of auction catalogues and select dealer catalogues. Each shelf contains an ever expanding yet completely satisfying world exploring a specific topic.

Here is today's menu. Enrich yourself on these riches - all calorie free unless you are a termite!

If you don't see it, ask for it. We probably have it.

Click on the links below to explore these notable collections

Decades of the best aviation and space exploration collections
A school of Angling library collections
A spectacular flock of Audubon's Birds of America
Authors of Note, Fame & Legend
Autograph Musical Manuscripts
Chess Collections - "Your move, Bobby."
Children's Books - "The original A to Z"
Erotica, exotica, and curiosa book collections - top to bottom so to speak
Fountain Pen Collections - "Fill 'er up"
The creme de la creme of gastronomic and cookery book collections
This Sporting Life - Golf, cricket, tennis, and football(soccer) library collections
Gutenberg Bibles

Western Illuminated Manuscripts -
at least 400 different catalogues
Christies London
Christies New York
Facimilies of Illuminated Manuscripts
French Sales
Illuminated & Incunabula Manuscripts
Books, Exhibition Catalogues, & Periodicals about Illuminated Manuscripts
Miscellaneous Auction Houses
Sotheby's London
Sotheby's New York
100 years of Abraham Lincoln collections
Magic & Conjuring
Maps & Cartography
Natural History
Playing Cards
Science & Medicine
Important Single Owner Libraries
Libraries of travel and exploration books dedicated to a specific nether region
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We offer for purchase the following listed works. In many cases we have multiple copies of each catalogue. Some we have only one.
Order requests will be honored on a first come first served basis.

When ordering please identify each work with the collector's name and catalogue date. Upon confirmation we will accept payment by check, PayPal,
or money order. We do not accept credit cards. Institutions using pro forma purchase orders will be billed with the sent order.

Jeffrey Eger

To order, or for more information, please contact us at:
We will be posting additional lists in the coming months.