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Books and reading. Reading and books.
Intertwined you might think.
Essential you might think.
Not so if you were King Louis XIV.
"I see no point in reading", he said

Then there is Francis Bacon who devoured words.
"Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed,
and some few to be chewed and digested.", he said.

For those in the Arts where the style of objects
needs precision when writing, the following books
offer precision when reading.

African Art
American Furniture & Decorative Arts
Books on British Topics
  British Architecture
  British Art, Artists, Antiques, & Ornaments
  British History, Biography, Culture, & Customs
  British Landmarks, Universities, Museums, Cathedrals, & other Public Places
  British Royalty
  English Furniture
  English Houses
  English, Scottish, & Irish Cities, Towns, & Landscapes
  Surveys of London
  Wedgwood & Other English Porcelain
Clocks, Watches, & Scientific Instruments
European Furniture & Decorative Arts
French Furniture & Decorative Arts
Islamic Art
Judaica Exhibition Catalogues
Judaica Periodicals
Latin-American Art
Medieval, Renaissance, & Later Bronze & Wooden Sculptures
Medieval & Renaissance Art & Architecture
Meissen & Other German Porcelain
Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletins on Special Topics
Modern & Contemporary Sculpture
Nautical & Marine Art
Russian Language Books on Art and Literature
Sevres & Other French Porcelain
Textiles & Fashion
Twentieth-Century Art Part 1
Twentieth-Century Decorative Arts
Wedgewood & Other English Porcelain
Women in Art
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