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too good
some books are insignificant
some books are a quick read
some books are to read on a fast train
some books are to read on a slow boat
some books are to be read on a Nook
some are to be read by your granny
some are to be read standing in church
some are to be read sitting on a throne
some are to be read gnawing on a bone
some are to be read far from the beach
some are to be read out of baby's reach
some are not to be read but browsed
some in slip cases are to be housed
some need to be owned and bought
some are just too good to ignore

1935 Two German Cigarette Card Albums about silent and sound cinema
1892 Two volume set of Ancient Stoneware of the Low countries
1980's-90's Barbara Johnson Whaling Collection Catalogues
1864 Brett auction catalogue with original photographs
1771 Illustrated Painting Catalogue of the Duc de Choiseul
1810 Catalogue Raisonne of Paignon Dijonval
1781 Illustrated Painting catalogue of M. Poullain
1841,1844 Painting Catalogues of Cardinal Fesch
1928-1931 4 Christies end-of season review books
1836 Illustrated painting catalogue of W.G. Coesvelt
1950 Avant-garde Catalan 1950 illustrated Hommage to Paul Klee
1858 Auction catalogue of David Falcke with color plates
1921 Auction collection catalogue of dealer Georges Petit, inscribed
1885 Collection catalogue of Cardinal Mazarin
1861 Auction catalogue of medieval art collector Russian Prince Soltykoff
1931 Three volume illustrated set of Renaissance Palaces of Italy
1865 Private collection catalogue of collector Robert Napier
1889 Three volume set of the famous Secretan art and painting auction
1821 Illustrated collection catalogue of John Fleming Leicester's paintings
1920's Illustrated two volume set of Spanish Interiors and Furniture
1980s-90's Multi-part convolute of Da Vinci's Codex Leicester manuscript
1960's Seven part convolute of Helena Rubinstein's collection at auction
1700's Nine annual volumes of The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
1931 The legendary Stroganoff collection sold at auction
1880's - 1910 Collection of Princesse de Poix's specially bound 100 volume set of auction sales

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